Richard & Heidi Geary with Orlando Appreciation Dinner attendees

The Orlando Appreciation Dinner, hosted by generous Friends of Deaf Reach on 17th November, celebrated Richard and Heidi Geary for their dedicated efforts in empowering the marginalized Deaf community in Pakistan. Attendees at the event were genuinely moved as Richard shared Deaf Reach’s mission, highlighting the organization’s significant milestones and impact.

During the event, the audience expressed sincere appreciation and enthusiasm, particularly during Richard’s insightful presentation that walked them through Deaf Reach’s sustained efforts in empowering Deaf children, especially girls, in Pakistan. They were greatly impressed as Richard shared an example of how Deaf Reach played a role in transforming the life of one of its many students, Sadaf, by not only providing her with quality education but also enabling her to secure meaningful employment via its Job Placement Program.

Sadaf, who comes from a financially struggling background, received education at Deaf Reach, broke the poverty cycle, and is currently working at a reputable organization while being a financial support for her family. Her story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of quality education.

Recent News
  • The Chicago Dinner organized by Friends of Deaf Reach on 29th October provided a platform to sow the seeds of support for empowering Deaf children in Pakistan through the Deaf Reach program.

  • Hosted in honor of Richard and Heidi Geary, the event celebrated their significant contributions in reshaping the lives of countless Deaf children in Pakistan.

  • Richard and Heidi Geary, founders of Deaf Reach Schools, attended a dinner hosted by Dr. Husseini at his residence in Long Island,

  • We were honored to host Mr. Donald Blome, the US ambassador to Pakistan, and Ms. Nicole Theriot, US Consul General in Karachi,

  • Richard Geary was invited to speak at the Annual Forum 2022 organized by Open Network, and hosted at the prestigious Harvard Club in New York City.

  • Richard and Heidi Geary were honored at an appreciation brunch hosted by community leaders in Miami, Fla – Mr. Khalid Mirza, Dr. Zafar Hamid and Mr. Amin Markatia.

  • Gracious hosts, Tahir Bhatti and Dr. Asaf Qadeer, organized a meet & greet dinner to introduce the work of Deaf Reach to the Pakistani community in Houston.