Richard & Heidi Geary with Friends of Deaf Reach, Chicago chapter

The Chicago Dinner organized by Friends of Deaf Reach on 29th October provided a platform to sow the seeds of support for empowering Deaf children in Pakistan through the Deaf Reach program. Held in honor of Richard and Heidi Geary, the Dinner not only brought the Chicago community together but also helped raise awareness about Deaf Reach, its overarching vision, and the transformative impact it has had in reshaping the educational landscape for the Deaf community in Pakistan.

Throughout the event, Richard and Heidi engaged with the attendees, recalling how their journey from the US to Pakistan 35 years ago became a ray of hope for thousands of Deaf children and youth in Pakistan.

The audience listened with great interest and had nothing but admiration for the couple as they shared the challenges they faced in establishing Deaf Reach Schools and the significant role it has played in becoming a powerful voice for the Deaf community in the country.

The attendees were also pleasantly surprised to see the impressive artistic skills of Deaf Reach students and expressed great interest in supporting them through their artistic journey by purchasing their hand-crafted masterpieces displayed at the event as part of Deaf Reach’s Dast’Khat platform.

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